Mille-feuille Filter Paper
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mille-feuille filter paper project

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The mille-feuille filter paper sheet.

The mille-feuille filter paper sheet.

Our Roots

Sweden is traditionally strong in innovation and science, especially when it comes to pulp & paper products and separation technology. In fact, Sweden was dominating the market of filtering papers for chemical analysis for most of the 19th and beginning of 20th century. At Uppsala University, the use of filter paper was reinvented in 2014. A revolutionary nanocellulose-based filter paper was developed with tailored pore size distribution so that particles as small as 20 nm can be easily removed from water using moderate transmembrane pressures. This is the first advanced non-woven filter that is produced by using hot-press technology.


Mille-feuille Filter paper

As the size of the particles to be removed is getting smaller, manufacturing of reliable filters that have the exact pore size distribution to remove sub-micron particles becomes challenging. It is not enough to be able to remove a specific particle size fraction, but it is also important to ensure high flow rates and low fouling. Today nearly every polymeric size-exclusion ultra- and nanofilter is produced by the same process, i.e. phase inversion, in which the polymer is first dissolved in a suitable solvent and then precipitated under controlled conditions to produce desired pore size. The mille-feuille filter is different. It is produced by straightforward hot-pressing of cellulose nanofibers in a process similar to paper making, which is highly attractive from industrial point. The use of sustainable raw material and simple manufacturing processing opens previously unimaginable possibilities for manufacturing advanced separation media.


our concept

Mille-feuille is the world's first filter paper capable of removing viruses from water as easily as brewing coffee